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Born in Athens - Greece. Study Telecom Engineer in Orsay - France. 35 years experience in micro-computing and integration of TCP/IP systems.







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How to build a Greek Mirage 2000 plastic model?

By on (page updated at 02/11/2017)

How to build a Greek Mirage 2000 EG air/sea configuration with Exocet weapon. Use the right plastic model and colors .

1. Choose the type: Mirage EG or Mirage 2000 -5 ?

Greece have in operation 2 versions of Mirage 2000 C (Single-seater): the old 2000 EG and the new one Mirage 2000 -5 version MK2. The Mirage 2000 -5 are used in air/air configuration with the MICA missile. The old Mirage 2000 EG are used in air/see configuration with the Exocet missile (they can handled 2 Exocet's under the wings) and Magic 2.

Who say Mirage Greek => say Exocet (the only ones to use I think).

So I suggest you to do this one.

Build Greek detail  Mirage 2000

2. Which plastic using? Kinetic or Heller?

At the plastic level you can use both Heller and Kinetic.

Kinetic has a significant advantage: there are decals (not good quality) for the Greek versions.

3. Hot points for the Greek Mirage EG

I consider that you know the differences between the 2000 EG and the -5 version so I will not tire you the top. On the other hand pay attention to the differences between the French and Greek versions of the 2000 EG. You have a little scrach work with Milliput.

Build Greek detail  Mirage 2000

  • a. Antenna size
  • b. 2 antenna's
  • c. Only one antenna

Highly recommanded to read this post at the Fighters forum

4. Magic 2 weapons

In the above photo you have inert training Magic 2. You can find them in 1/48 scale from Arsenal. This is the reference of the product:

 Mirage 2000 plastic model Magic 2 from Arsenal

Magic 2 for Greek Mirage 2000 EG from Arsenal

For those who will like to use the Magic 2 for the boxe, here is a Greec Magic 2. Nothing special to report.

Magic 2 palstic model Mirage 2000

5. Exocet missile

In this picture you see a small color detail for the Greek Exocet.

Build Greek detail  Mirage 2000

About the the Exocet plastic model on Mirage 2000 you can read my page: How to build an Exocet missile for Mirage 2000

6. Color for the greek Mirage 2000

Build Greek detail  Mirage 2000

Bleu = (1:mirage blue or intermediate blue + 1:white) + 20 % blue azur

Gray: H307 Gunze

Gray Nose: H337 Gunze

The Greek Mirage are dirty. Why? Read my page about Greek Mirage Colors for plastic model Colors for Greek Mirage 2000

7. Decals

Kinetic has a significant advantage: there are decals (not good quality) for the Greek versions.

If you opt for Heller you have 2 solutions: either you buy the Icarus Decals which are very very expensive but of good quality (about 20 €) or you call on the colleagues who have surely in rabe the Greek versions of the decals of Mirage Kinetic.


At the end you can have something like this. Enjoy!!

Build Greek detail  Mirage 2000

Build Greek detail  Mirage 2000